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-useful sites

Fact sheets 
-sheet 1 
-sheet 2
-sheet 3
-sheet 4
-sheet 5
-sheet 6 
-sheet 7
Teacher notes 
-The common agircultural policy
-The history of the euro
-The democratic deficit and EU jargon
-Free movement of labor
-EU trade and marketing
-Future enlargement of the EU
-A quick guide to regional policy
-The single currency 
-The European parliament
-Average working times in some EU counties
-The Muslims 
-The new two member states

Current EU Issues:

-WTO Meeting
-European Parliament

-Germany and Russia sign an Agreement
-EU Interest Rates Rise
-CAP an Analysis
-Common Agricultural policy: Sugar

-Sugar updated
-EU Social Market
-EU Regional Policy
-Cohesion and its Financial Markets

-EU and Bosnia

The New EU Budget

-New EU Budget
-More Information on the New EU Budget
-What were the discussions about?

The EU Constitution:

The EU Constitution

The EU and its Finances:

-EU Finances
-EU Budget 2007-13

EU country Pofiles:

New Members:

       - Additional Information
-Czech Republic

Older Members:

United Kingdom

The official site of the UK's Ministry of Finance, known as The Treasury.


The official government site for economic issues, in English.


A detailed analysis of the Spanish Economy.


A comprehensive view of the economy including statistical data.


A comprehensive coverage of The Netherlands Economy and other aspects of 
life in the Country.

Netherlands Economy

A wide-ranging description of The Netherlands


Economic and other information on the Grand duchy.


The Central Statistics Office of the Irish Republic. Contain all you need to know about the economy and other aspects of life in Ireland.


The American Chamber of Commerce site for Italy. A useful introduction to the Italian economy.


An excellent site offering a 'virtual' tour of the economy and much more.

Belgian Economy

A detailed link to a wide variety of sites that covering most aspects of the country.


A detailed analysis of the French economy.


An excellent site which contains just about all you will need to know about Greece and its economy.



An excellent link site from the University of Sussex (UK) which contains some useful connections to both economic and linguistic matters.

An OECD Analysis ( 2003) od the German economy.


A full analysis of the current economic structure of Denmark and probable areas of growth.

A detailed analysis of the Danish Economy - dated 2002. It is in Power Point form. danish economy 20022002630131017.pdf

Austrian School of Economics

A pdf presentation explaining how this influencial school of economic thought developed.




- EU Enlargement Slideshow
- EU Regional Policy
- European Investment Bank
- European Ombudsman
- The European Commission
- Steps to the Euro
- EU Transition Economies
- EU Reporter

- EuropeanVoice
- New-Europe

Major EU Websites :

- European Commission
- European Parliament

New EU News - Weekly news letter with links to relevant websites



Central Banks of European Union member states

Austria Belgium Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia Europe Finland
France Germany Hungary Ireland
Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
Malta Poland Portugal Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Sweden Great Britain


Regional Policy
Economics Data Websites


PowerPoint Presentations

- Single Market
- The New Europe

- Euro

- The EU and Britain
- The EU and Business
- Brussels 1
- Brussels 2
- Brussels 3
- Transition Economies
- UK Student Visit 3rd to 5th November 2004
- Openness of Belgian Economy to importation
- Maurice's Presentation, Brussels February 2005

-Impact of the single market
-Regional Policy


- Aachen

- Ghent

- Maastricht

- Milan

Virtual School
These are links to the Virtual School websites. They will load in a different window and will not affect your browsing on this site.)

Virtual School

-The Netherlands

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