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Several times a year I take groups of sixth formers to Brussels for a series of lectures on the European Parliament, Commission and the workings of the European Union. The courses normally contain:

*A visit to the EP and lecutres on its workings
*Special lectures, by experts, on The Single Currency, The Single Market, Regional Policy, Enlargement, Transition Economies, The EU and the UK and the EU and Business.
*A visit and lecture on the Euro from the National Bank of Belgium.

A workpack is provided for all teachers and students. For further details, contact


Several times a year I offer Teacher Workshops on the following topics :

1) EU Funding for Education - A detailed day on both funding and developing links across the member states of the EU.
2) Global Issues - A detailed day on the geo-political regions of the world. This includes an anaylisis of the current situation and projections for the future.

A workpack is provided for all those who attend.

For futher details contact and look on the Teacher Workshop section under "Economics".


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